Innovative Strategies

The healthcare industry has been stuck relying on conventional and expensive methods to reach its audience. These traditional approaches lack the ability to track results effectively. At CMM, we do things differently. We understand consumers, their behaviors and digital footprints, ensuring you connect with them in the places they already go online.

You deserve a cost-effective, expedient, and verifiable marketing solution.

The Goal Is To Grow Your Practice

Only communicate with the right people.
Our tailored program guarantees that your message reaches the right audience. Our carefully selected audiences possess specific attributes aligned with your services, making them ideal future patients.

We know these are the right people because we have the data!
We collect and verify information on over 250 million consumers, and deterministically link offline and online profiles. All of our data is GDPR and CCPA compliant,  plus it’s collected with explicit permission. We know your audience, what they search for, how they search for it, and exactly what they need.

We Source Our Data From:



We craft user profiles by weaving together online, offline, and mobile data. This dynamic approach allows us to strategically broadcast your message to the individuals who are most likely to connect with your services.


We leverage the ad engagement patterns of your target audience to craft a personalized ad experience that aligns with their interests and behavior. This ensures your ads are prominently positioned where your audience is most inclined to notice it.


We analyze the data to determine the number of new patients and website visitors we drove. We track how many individuals from your target audience engaged with both your website and your practice. This helps calculate ROI and precisely measures patients acquired through our program.

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