Innovative Strategies

The healthcare industry has been slow to adapt to changes in the advertising landscape. Organizations tend to cast a wide net with traditional methods: print media, billboards, and radio ads, which all lack tracking capabilities. CMM gives you the edge on your competition with our innovative strategy that takes a deep dive into who your patients are, what they need, and digitally where they go.
What we offer is more cost-effective, expedient, and verifiable than any conventional medical marketing approach.

Connect With Patients

If you’re not communicating with the right audience, what’s the point? Custom Medical Marketing’s hyper-targeted program gets your message in front of the audience who needs to see your message. The audiences we select possess attributes which make them excellent candidates for a service or procedure you can provide. Many members of our targeted audiences may already be actively searching for these services.

How do we know? We have the data! We’ve built an extensive database with verified information about more than 250 million people. We know who they are, what they’re looking for, and in what way they’re looking for it.
All of our data is first party and permission based; GDPR and CCPA compliant.

We source our data from

Mobile publishers for insight into preferred devices, location, language, etc.

Online sites that collect information from user submission forms, search and browsing history, past purchases, and more.

Offline partners we trust to provide demographic and psychographic data.

Finding Your Next Patient In 3 Steps



Audience Identification

We gather data points to build a profile of qualified patients in your area who are in need of your services. By linking online, offline, and mobile data to each user profile, we can strategically present your message to only the most relevant and likely patients.



Digital Engagement

Once we’ve created your target audience group, we take a look at their historical ad engagement behaviors. We deliver a customized ad experience based on their user habits. They will see youradvertisement in the place they are most likely to look. We follow this audience wherever they are and show your ad in their inbox, their mobile apps, online, and on frequently used social media platforms. You’ll get noticed for sure, and then you’ll get the call or click to for an appointment.



Patient-Matchback™ Report

At the end of each campaign cycle, we’ll analyze the data to provide you with detailed reporting that shows you the patients our campaign brought in and gives you the data you need to produce an exact ROI. We’ll be able to tell you how many people from your audience visited your site and how many visited your practice. By cross-referencing the name of each new patient against our targeted audience list, we can determine exactly how many clients you gained by partnering with Custom Medical Marketing.

The roadmap to patient acquisition has never been so clear.

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